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Device Variable vs. Command Variable

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2014 03:43PM EDT

There are two ways of doing a Device swap: you can change the controlled device with a new device, or you can change command being sent by the same controlled device.



First is the Full Device Swap:

If you set a variable on the Device ID you can change the controlled device per panel or per button. This will allow you switch like commands with different devices. For example, you can swap cursor commands or volume commands if the titles match. Make sure under your controlled devices the commands are formatted the same CURSOR UP will not swap with UP, or Cursor Up. Capitalization and format matter when using the device swap.

  • To swap a controlled device within a panel
  • Click on the title of your panel
  • Assign the variable to device you will be swapping

You can also adjust an individual button for a controlled device

  • Click on the button
  • Inside the panels click on the + icon next to the highlighted button
  • Click on the Device Title (Picture below shows Integra Pre/ Pro Zone 1 as Device)
  • Assign your variable on the Device ID inside the properties window

Second is changing the command being sent. This variable allows you to swap commands per zone of home or office. For example, you want to swap Zone 1 Output 1 from your matrix switch in your Theatre to Zone 2 Output 1. This can be done be adjusting the device name inside the properties window. 

  • Click on the button/ link with the command you want to change

  • Inside the properties window click the + icon next to the button that is highlighted

  • Click on the Device command inside the button (The image below shows VOLUME UP as the command selected)

  • Inside the properties window set the variable for Name

  • When you go to set the variable, for the value field, enter the new command name Zone 2 Output 1 for example. Make sure your formatting is exactly the same as the title of the new command.

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