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Last Updated: Sep 11, 2014 11:53AM EDT

Setting up the iTunes Module

The iTunes module allows users to create a rich interface that allows a rich two way interaction with iTunes on the Mac or PC. The iTunes module requires no software to be installed on the computer and can interface with AirPlay compatible devices such as AppleTV, AirPort Express and many other devices. The iTunes module supports Music, Audio Books, Podcasts (both audio and video) and Movies in iTunes. The iTunes module is a paid module and can be added to either a Pro or Basic iRule license. This tutorials assumes working knowledge of iRule such as adding Gateways. 

  1. Open Builder to an iPad Handset.
  2. Open the More tab.
  3. Expand Modules.
  4. Drag & drop the iTunes Module.
  5. Review the module settings.
  6. Open the Gateways menu in the application
  7. Add iTunes Gateway.
  8. Get 4 digit PIN.
  9. Enter 4 digit PIN in iTunes on the computer.
  10. Review successful pairing on computer.
  11. Confirm successful pairing in iRule.
  12. Review iTunes library name.
  13. Go to Panel with iTunes module.

Step One: Open Builder to an iPad Handset

Step One :: Image Title

Open the Builder and go to an iPad Handset. Expand a Panel and Page to add the iTunes module.


Step Two: Open the More tab

Step Two :: Image Title

Click on the More tab in the right pane of the Builder.


Step Three: Expand Modules

Step Three :: Image Title

Expand the item called Modules by double clicking on the icon or clicking on the + sign left of the Modules icon.


Step Four: Drag & Drop iTunes Module

Step Four :: Image Title

Drag and drop the iTunes module into the GUI and place it where appropriate. Please note that the iTunes module has a minimum size and can not be sized any smaller than the default size. The minimum size is designed to fit the necessary elements within the iPad. You can adjust the size of the Module in the properties and make it larger, up to the full size of hte Page.


Step Five: Review Module Settings

Step Five :: Image Title

You will see the iTunes module in the GUI. If you have not yet purchased the iTunes module, you will see an image with a message that the iTunes module is not licensed. There is a link to purchase the module directly from the Builder. You can customize its displayed size, location and the radius of its corners.  Radius of 20 is default and matches the radius of the button area inset as seen in the image.


Step Six: Open Gateways Menu

Step Six :: Image Title

Go to the app on the iPad and open the Gateways menu. Click on the Edit button in the top right corner of the app.


Step Seven: Add iTunes Gateway

Step Seven :: Image Title

Please make sure that iTunes is open on the computer before adding the iTunes Gateway app. Click on the green + button to the left of the Add New Gateway in the iTunes Gateway type.


Step Eight: Get 4 Digit PIN

Step Eight :: Image Title

You will be presented with a 4 digit PIN code.  This is the code that is used to pair your iTunes with the iTunes module. The iTunes module can only be paired with a single iTunes library.


Step Nine: Enter 4 Digit PIN

Step Nine :: Image Title

Go to iTunes that you have opened on your computer and under Devices you will see your iOS device name.  Click on the name and you will be presented with PIN code input window.  Input the code that is shown in the iRule App.


Step Ten: Review Successful Pairing

Step Ten :: Image Title

If the pairing is successful you will be presented with the message that "Your Remote is now able to control iTunes".  Click OK.


Step Eleven: Confirm Pairing in iRule

Step Eleven :: Image Title

You should get a similar confirmation in the app as seen in the picture.  Click Save.


Step Twelve: Review iTunes Library Name

Step Twelve :: Image Title

In the app, you will see the name of the computer to which you paired the app with as the Gateway name.


Step Thirteen: Go To iTunes Panel

Step Thirteen :: Image Title

Now to go the Panel/Page that has the iTunes module. Navigating through the iTunes module is similar to navigating through iTunes on the computer.

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