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Last Updated: Sep 11, 2014 12:13PM EDT

Lock User Settings

Lock User Settings prevents access to app settings and prevents intentional or inadvertent tampering with user settings. This allows parents to prevent kids from accidentally making changes, and allows installers to deploy remotes without concern that the users will make any changes that require a service call. The PIN to lock the settings can be defined by the user.

  1. Open the Settings tab in the app.
  2. Assign the PIN code.
  3. Review the PIN code. 
  4. Press the Panels button to enter the Settings area.
  5. PIN code lock.
  6. Enter the four digit PIN code.
  7. Full access to Settings.

Step One: Open Settings

Step One :: Image Title

Open the Settings tab in the app. In the Security area, enable the Lock settings functionality by pressing the button to ON.


Step Two: Assign PIN Code

Step Two :: Image Title

When the Lock settings is enabled, the PIN code field appears. Type a 4 digit number PIN.


Step Three: Review PIN Code

Step Three :: Image Title

After the PIN is entered, you can review the number.


Step Four: Panels Area

Step Four :: Image Title

Once in the app, press the Panels button in the upper left corner to enter the Settings area.


Step Five: Locked Settings

Step Five :: Image Title

With the Lock settings enabled, the user is greeted with the PIN lock.


Step Six: Enter PIN Code

Step Six :: Image Title

Enter the four digit PIN to enter the settings area. If the wrong PIN is entered the user will be unable to proceed into the settings area of the app.


Step Seven: Full Access

Step Seven :: Image Title

With the correct PIN entered, the user now has full access to the app settings.

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