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Last Updated: Mar 09, 2015 01:44PM EDT

A template is a great feature for dealers. Using templates dealers can create various example setup scenarios. Templates are a tool that allows dealers to program when they have spare time then use this programming for the customer installations. If you find yourself using the same types of equipment from one installation to the next create a template for this scenario so you do not need to program from start each time. 

  • For example you can create a multi room template, single room fully customized template, single room non customized templates and also use template accounts to test new features.

Templates cannot be synced to a handset so they are not a replacement to a customer account.

Once you create a template you can use the template in the new customer creation process. 

  • Instead of using backup and restore to include past programming examples you can use the template within the new customer setup wizard. 

You can create as many templates as you would like.

  • Test a setup using variables, create a new theme using custom graphics or allow fellow employees the ability to program within the builder for training purposes.

Below is an example scenario using a customized Android Handset layout for a new customer:

  1. Login to your On Controls Manager Account
  2. Click Manage Templates shortcut
  3. Choose My Templates from left side of screen
  4. Click New Template
  5. Assign a name to your template
  6. Save
  7. Choose the door icon next to your new template account
  8. Design your template account
  9. Save your design in builder
  10. Return to Manager Home screen
  11. Create New Customer
  12. 2nd step will ask to import template
  13. Choose your newly created template
  14. Choose license type
  15. Finish new customer setup
  16. Launch into builder of newly created customer

Step 1: Login to Manager

2. Choose the Manage Template shortcut

Step 3. Choose My Templates on left side of screen

Step 4. Click New

Step 5. Assign a name to your template

Step 6. Save

Step 7. Launch into builder of the Template using the door icon on the right

Step 8. Design your template account within builder.

Step 9. Save your builder file

Step 10. Return to Manager Home screen

Step 11. Choose Create New Customer

Step 12. Step 2 within the New Customer creation asks you to choose your template

Step 13. Select your license

Step 14. Finish customer creation

15. Launch into Builder of the newly created customer to view your template! 

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