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Seven Template

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2015 10:46AM EDT

The new Seven theme is now available as a template within your On Controls manager account. Below are the steps to import and edit this new theme:

  1. Login to your Manager account
  2. Manage templates
  3. Shared templates
  4. Import shared template to your account
  5. Select your handset(s)
  6. Edit your template


1. Login to your On Controls Manager account 

2.  Click the option to Manage Templates 

3. Choose the Shared template option 

4. Import the Seven theme 
(click on the icon on the far right of the theme name)

5. Choose your handset(s) 

-- Note -- You can import all handsets as one template. If you only use one or two handsets I would suggest just importing those to keep the file size smaller

6. Edit your imported template 
(by clicking on the door icon next to the name of your template)


Here is a list of items you may want to edit within your Seven template

  1. Custom backgrounds
  2. Activity icons
  3. Activities (Panels)
  4. Device Replacement

1. Importing a custom background -

---- Create a new image library 
---- right click on any existing library to bring up the image
---- after creating new image library right click on the library again to add your image

--- drag and drop your image to the background layer of your page 

--- Add variable name to newly imported image 
----- Assigning the variable name name background will ensure that when the user changes the background via variable your image will be included in this change

2. Changing Activity icons 
---- Double click on the activity you would like to adjust 

-- You can adjust the default and pressed images to something more specific to your setup. Example: use an DirecTV logo instead of the default TV option. 

-- To change locate your new image inside your image library, then drag into the default or pressed image areas

-- You can also change your favorite channel icons with this same method

3. Removing unwanted panels 
--- You can delete panels by right clicking on the title of the panel 

By default we create all activity options. You can remove anything that is unnecessary

4. Device Replacement 
-- Device Replacement tutorial

By default we add template devices as placeholders for commands such as Play, Pause, Stop, FF, Rew, etc.. This allows the dealer to perform a device replacement instead of dragging each command individually. 

*** You will need to create macros for activities. There are no default macros built for the activity buttons on the Main page.

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