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Camera RTSP video stream on On Controls

Lucas Secundo Mar 07, 2017 09:17PM EST


I'm trying to integrate Intelbras IP cameras on my On Controls application.
The cameras stream video through RTSP protocol (port 554), URL format is:


Reading this topic ( I found this URL format to be the same of ICRealtime camera.

I can perfectly see the stream (using the very same URL) on video players on Windows or iOS, but it seems i can't (yet) view on On Controls video player or using any camera module on iOS nor Android.

Please help me.

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Alex Milogradov Mar 07, 2017 10:24PM EST Builder & App Support Support

How do you have the gateway setup?
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Lucas Secundo Mar 08, 2017 11:31AM EST

On Video Player attempt:
Video Player module doesn't require a gateway, so I just put stream url on "file url" property of the module.

On Camera module ("Security") attempt:
-On Android I tried to setup the gateway first with only the information asked in each field:
Name: Camera ICRealtime
Port: 554
Username: admin
Password: ********
HTTP Method: GET

It didn't work so I tried what is recomended here on this link ( and put some more information on IP address, and It didn't work either. But on Android I just tested on a old anb shabby Moto G with Android 4.x.

-on iOS (on an iPad 3) I tried setup the gateway with only the information asked in each field (just as above). On iOS, despite the pictures on the link above being also from an iPad, it's impossible to put more information than what is asked. For example, if I write "" on Ip Adress field the software returns "Invalid address value!" and doesn't change the field.
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iRule Support Team Mar 08, 2017 01:18PM EST Builder & App Support Support
If you have followed the steps within the Hikvision example and the stream still does not appear, we will not be able to support this camera type. Without having the camera in our office to test we cannot confirm the necessary setup.
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Lucas Secundo Mar 09, 2017 07:10PM EST
Ok, some success at least.

I tried yesterday editing Ip Adress gateway field on iOS and, for my surprise, it accepted (I can't explain why on the day before it kept saying "Invalid address value!" for anything more or different than IP address).
So I got the camera stream to work on iOS but it had a lot of artifacts and freezing, but than I knew I had to change video compression format on camera configuration. I change from H.264H to MJPEG and bingo... smooth stream, the only problem here is that I can change compression format only on secondary stream, which has smaller resolution (maximum is 704x480), but this is sufficient for a phone screen. Ah, and if camera had audio I think it wouldn't work on MJPEG (but not surely).

The strange is that after I changed video compression format it worked on Android also, but only yesterday, now it's not working and I didn't change a thing. Any ideas why?

The camera being used on tests is a VIP-S4020-G2 (Intelbras). The gateway configuration is basically put everything from RTSP URL on Ip Adress field except what is asked on the other gateway configuration fields.
URL format for the secondary stream is:
Then the gateway setup looks like this:

Ip Address: rtsp://<ipaddress>/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1
Port: 554 (80 works too)
Username: <login>
Password: <password>

I have some questions:
1) Some camera modules have "stream" and "channel" properties on builder platform. These are for what?
2) Why can't Video Player module play the RTSP URL? This would be the easier way and, I think, could be use to integrate with any camera that streams by RTSP, just like you can use an URL link (on widgets) to play a stream coming in HTTP.
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Lucas Secundo Mar 26, 2017 11:33AM EDT
On contact with Intelbras support I got an HTTP URL for the camera streaming, and now is working on Android also. URL is:


Where <typeNo> is 0 for main stream and 1 for the extra.
You can claim now that OnControls works with Intelbras IP cameras, since using the extra stream with MJPEG compression. HTTP URL for Android and HTTP or RTSP for iOs.
The problem is solved.

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